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Algoitech information technologies is always better than manual trading. Algoitech information technologies is fully automatic trading without any manual intervention. It is a emotionless trading which is very important thing while trading because most of the time we loose money due to emotions.
Our web-based Algoitech information technologies terminal works with the leading brokers of India who those are providing facilities of API based trading. It is very simple system which gives your relief from watching charts all the time and it saves much time to do other tasks.
Algoitech information technologies is India's First Auto robot trading terminal which is based on a web-browser. It is preloaded with the best Algoitech information technologies Such as Money Machine and Eagle trading system.

About Us

Our Special Services

Smart Algo

Smart Algo

Being Strategic, Our developer is sufficiently skilled to trick the software and have the necessary programming and well back testing capacity

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API Bridge

API Bridge

API Bridge is a set of programming interface, pincode and Places is first programming interface. APIBridge permits you to algo trade with various stages like MT4

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Our core Features

Fully Automated

System is completely automated and no user intervention required at any stage

Responsive Algorithm

SAT algorithm can make decision at real time observing market conditions

Well Reserched

SAT is developed by a team of expert statisticians, developers and trader

Emotionless Trading

SAT executes trades without any fear of loss or excitement of profit. It simply trades

Constant Monitoring

Trades are automatically monitored and all updates sent to Telegram instantly

Real Time Notification

Notifcations are sent instantly on our channel once trade is executed

Constant Innovation

Market never remains the same so is our system, we are constantly innovating

Support 12 X 7

Available on WhatsApp during and after market hours to resolve any issue

How Algoitech information technologies Works?


Why Choose Us

No VPS required

We provide some pre-loaded signals in the Algoitech information technologies so, there is no need to run the MT4 and there is no need to use the VPS because our server will handle your trades.

Big Data Insights

You can trade & invest in any number of Stocks and commodity. Our terminal is capable of managing 200+ Symbols trading at single time. This is the best feature of Algoitech information technologies .

Secured User Data

We protect user data and encrpt the user credential to have a safe and secure trading. We never save user credentials so there will be no change of theft or harm.