We want to make your experience on our paltform as smooth as possible, here are some frequently asked questions, if these dont solve your doubts, feel free to contact us.

Algoitech information technologies is a multi asset, multi-currency, multi exchange Algo Strategy marketplace which allows people to create algo strategies using our state of the art, patent pending, web based strategy builder, which allows you to point and click to create conditions and positions which form the building blocks of a algo strategy.

Once created, the same can be listed on the marketplace where people can subscribe them and in turn take those trades in their own brokerage accounts.

The algo strategy marketplace idea is not unique. There are lot of competing apps which allow you to do that. But as far as strategy creation goes, there are 3 ways apps go about doing it

1) Write software code - in python or VB or some other language (MQL for MT4, AFL for Amibroker, etc, Python for Quantopian and Quantconnect etc).

2) Drag and Drop of Blocks - Here a user has to drag and drop blocks and set the relation between them to set the conditions for signal generation of the algo.

3) Click and Choose - Algoitech information technologies condition builder comes in this category There are some which are similar to ours which have a point and click approach to condition building but they have limitations on selecting the number of positions attached to those conditions. Also we track the run time variables which your strategy generates and provide you those as keywords which you can use in your conditions to take action. (Eg: LastRepairedDate which can be used to create strategies for SIP plans .. All you have to do is set your repair condition to check if its 30 days since your last repaired date and if so, you add the same stocks to your portfolio)

So in essence, we are unique because ours in possibly the only tool which allows for a Click and choose condition building with multiple position mapping to those conditions thus allowing to build for complex algo strategies with ease.

Not only that, we also allow for a custom python code to be incorporated within your strategy thus having best of both the worlds.Algoitech information technologies also goes far beyond signal generation of an algo system. It does the complete trade management by placing the orders in tranches, adjusting prices to seek the best entries and exits, rolling over expired instruments to next expiry and finally closing the strategy.

As if that was not enough, Algoitech information technologies will allow you to make your successful strategies a money making business by allowing others to follow it and take trades in their own accounts for which you can charge them a fixed and a variable profit sharing fee.

Paper Trading : A paper trade is simulated trading which allows investors to buy and sell securities without risking real money.

Live – Offline : Assume your broker is not algo enabled. No worries. Once the strategy is ready to take a trade we will reach out to you or your broker using a wide gamut of communication methods (whatsapp, email, SMS, voice call). And then leave the rest to you and broker to take forward in whatever manner you are comfortable with.

Live – Auto oneclick : You are in control every step of the way and can choose to execute these trades only after you give a one-click confirmation.

Live – Fully Auto : Your strategy will be executed automatically without seeking any confirmation from you.

5 minutes. Lets start. Note the time on your watch

1) Sign up and Login to Algoitech information technologies

2) Go to this strategy

3) Click on Subscribe

4) Go to "My Strategies" page and find the above strategy under "Subscribed"

5) Click on Deploy. Choose the default settings of "Paper Trading" and "TT-PaperTrading" as broker (This broker has been added as a default when you sign up)

6) Go track the strategy on "Deployed" page. If it shows active, means its working well. During India Exchange market hours (9.15 am to 3.30 pm India time) this strategy will take some positions in Nifty Options.

You have just deployed your first algo strategy. Note the time on your watch again. Hopefully its within 5 minutes. Once you get a hang of the system, you will be able to accomplish this within a minute.

Of Course if you wish to create a strategy, it will take longer and it really depends on how complex your strategy is. To take baby steps in that, you can start off by duplicating a strategy (most strategies listed by Algoitech information technologies are allowed for Duplicating), tweaking the conditions / positions and making your own strategy and then deploying that.

The process to deploy a subscribed strategy or a created strategy remains the same.

Even though our condition builder is extremely powerful and we are quite certain that most strategies can be built using that, there are scenarios where algo traders would like to use their existing code / logic / data source to create strategies. For such cases, we have a advanced feature where we can incorporate your python code within our strategy builder.

To read/write variables which are you using in your code, we have a custom functions called GetVar and SetVar. Once you have the custom code do its job, you can then use these variables set by you within the entry condition block. If satisfied, the trades will be executed.

Algoitech information technologies allows you to split your multiple lots and multi leg order into various tranches so that you can get the best price with the least slippage.

To do that the total order you can setup this in the Tranching dropdown which by default is at 100% meaning the total quantity is pushed at one go.

If you wish to send it in 2 tranches, set this to 50% ; 10% for 10 tranches, 1% for 100 tranches.

If there is only 1 leg and the quantity is more than enough for each tranch, it will be equally divided .. the remainder of the lots is handled in the last tranch.

So in essence, we are unique because ours in possibly the only tool which allows for a Click and choose condition building with multiple position mapping to those conditions thus allowing to build for complex algo strategies with ease.

So lets say there are 21 lots and 10 tranches, the engine will post 2 lots in each tranch and the balance 1 lot is handled in the 11th tranch. If the number of lots are lesser than the tranches then it will get completed with the least no of lots per tranch possible.

So if there are 3 lots and 10 tranches it will get executed in 3 tranches of 1 lot each. If there are multiple legs with differing quantities then the one with the least quantity will get finished before the last tranch is fully executed.

So lets say for leg 1 the quantity is 21 lots and for leg 2 is 5 lots so from tranch 1 to 5 the order will be for 2 lots of leg 1 and 1 lot of leg 2 ; from tranch 5 to 10 the order will be 2 lots of leg 1 and the 11th tranch will be 1 lot of leg 1